• Tablesaws

    The heart of your workshop. Quality and reliability are standard features on all our tablesaws.
  • Scrollsaws

    Intricate detail work is made possible using a JET variable speed Scrollsaw.
  • Bandsaws

    No workshop is complete without the ability to cut curves and resize timber. A bandsaw is an essential workshop tool.
  • Jointers

    An accurate Jointer give you a reliable reference to work from when dressing your timber.
  • Thicknessers

    For consistent sizing of timber or the dressing of rough sawn material, a companion machine to the jointer
  • Combination Machines

    A space efficient way to get the best of both worlds. Two machines in one isn't a compromise with a JET combination machine.
  • Sanders

    JET have a wide range of floor standing, bench mounted and drum sanders for every application.
  • Mortiser

    Mortise and tenon joinery is still one of the most effective means of joinery there is. A mortiser makes easy work of an otherwise laborious task
  • Drill Press

    No matter what kind of woodwork you do, a reliable drill press is a must to ensure precision in your work.
  • Dust Collector

    Efficient dust extraction will help to protect the health of both you and your machinery.
  • Lathes

    Designed for the serious woodturning enthusiast wanting to do decorative work or make furniture components for a larger project.