A Bandsaw For All Occasions

A bandsaw is invaluable for cutting both curved and straight lines, re-sawing larger stock into veneers or even ripping a highly figured board in half to create a beautiful book-matched feature panel for a cupboard or guitar back. An added advantage is that there is very little wastage of your valuable timber and virtually no risk of the material being thrown back at you. Safety is always an issue with re-sawing, as timber can be unpredictable.

With a well-tuned bandsaw you can cut very accurate joinery. There are a few essentials needed to achieve this. The blade tension is important; it needs to track well and has to be square to the table. Most people will start with a smaller saw, often a 14” bandsaw, but once the potential becomes obvious, chances are you are going to want to upgrade to a saw with larger capacity and more power.

The JET-JWBS18Q is the perfect choice for someone who is looking for professional performance, but a machine that will fit into an average sized workshop. It has all the essentials, but not too many tricky gadgets. It’s simple, functional and very robust.

JET have pioneered a super-rigid triangular column technology that reduces rotational deflections by an amazing 65% over the common box type construction. This delivers maximum strength and rigidity in the column, preventing any twisting or flexing. The upper and lower cabinets are made from heavy gauge steel that is precisely formed and then fully welded to the triangular column.

This heavy-duty cabinet construction provides an exceptionally stable platform for the blade wheel mounts, tensioning and drive systems.

The distinctive blade tensioning lever has three settings:

  • A quick release to ease off the blade tension when the saw is not in use.
  • A full release setting to change the blade.
  • A tension setting that is monitored using a blade tension scale.

The 18” wheels are precision machined and computer balanced so their weight adds a flywheel effect to smooth the cutting action without inducing vibration. Each wheel is fitted with a high quality tyre that helps keep the blade tracking straight and running smoothly.

A large 485mm x 485mm cast iron table allows plenty of support for your workpiece; the twin trunnions are cradled by heavyduty zinc alloy saddles, so the table tilts smoothly to any angle between 0° and 45°. There is a generous 300mm cutting depth and the blade guides and support bearings are independently adjustable with micrometer accuracy, providing smooth faultless support to the blade. There is also an option to purchase the popular European blade guide assembly. The saw can accommodate blade widths from 3mm to 34mm.

Included with the JET-JWBS18Q is a mitre gauge and a quick release precision T-square style rip fence that is fitted with a removable re-saw post.

This is the bandsaw to take your woodworking forward and expand your horizons. With a hefty 2HP motor, it will give you the capacity to make the most out of that most valuable of resources - the timber in your shed!