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About Walter Meier

Walter Meier (Tool) AG is a business unit of the international climate and manufacturing technology group Walter Meier. With the JET Tool brand, Walter Meier Tool offers an extensive range of professional machines for wood and metalworking as well as tools, facilities and accessories for manufacturing and assembling processes. The products are distributed by selected distributors in more than 25 countries.

Walter Meier purchased JET Tools in 1988 and have been committed to sourcing machines that reach the exacting standards required to wear the JET brand. They are very “hands on” when it comes to research and development of new products and they maintain a regional division in Asia to oversee that the quality of manufacture and finish is of the highest standard. JET machines are built and tested to the finest tolerances to ensure consistent quality throughout the range.

The JET distributor in Australia and New Zealand is Carba-Tec®, an Australian-owned company that is committed to providing quality sales and support to our the JET dealer network throughout the region.